Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts


Hi everyone! Last week I bought my first Happy Kitchen kit.
These are cute little DIY candy making kits from Japan, and there is a wide variety to choose from! I decided to go for the donut kit since it does not contain gelatin and I thought they would be fun to decorate.

I wore a maid cosplay I bought last Halloween in this video, in my head I thought it would look cute but in reality it makes me look very childish! LOL
I wish I wore normal clothes ^-^;;;

The kit itself was fun to make, but the texture of the donuts was very strange! They did taste nice and sweet, but I felt a little of sick after eating them! x_x
Maybe they just didn’t agree with me. You can find the kits on eBay for about $5, so they are nice and cheap! There are all kinds of kits to choose from, so choose wisley! ❤
Anyway I hope you enjoy the video!

20 responses to “Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts

  1. I think you look adorable! And I’m crazy about those DIY kits! Just ordered the hamburger and waffle ones! Wish me luck xD

  2. I love your hairrrr~ And I agree with all the comments above, you don’t look childish at all. You look cute and adorable ^^ My cousin tried one of these DIY kits and she said it’s pretty good. I think I will order some on ebay. Thank you for the video! Oh did you buy this when you went to Japan? Or did you buy it on ebay?

    • Thank youuu! Yeah they really are fun! I did try to look for on when I was in Japan but I didn’t find any! So I just bought mine on eBay when I got home. ^_^

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