Wishlist 06

Hi everyone! I really felt like doing another wishlist post today, mostly because I don’t have any money right now to spend on things like this! Just talking about the stuff I want makes me feel better about it somehow LOL! Let’s start~
01. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Limited Edition

final_fantasy_x_le-631x800The Final Fantasy X HD remaster was announced back in 2011, and ever since that day I have been waiting very impatiently for this game! Final Fantasy X is my favorite game of all time, and regardless of it’s bed rep, I love X-2 tool! Some stores are offering the Limited Edition version which contains a lovely art book, it sold out quick fast so when they restocked it I pre-ordered myself one even though it did mean dipping into my savings. Just waiting for a release date now.. >_<

02. Sailor Moon Powder

mintbunny1370312297So a month or two ago a Japanese make-up company announced they were going to make a cute Sailor Moon Compact! Sailor Moon was the first anime I watched as a child, I loved it so much! I always wished I could transform into a sailor scout.~ *///*
The compact sold out almost immediately, and since then they have restocked a couple times but it is still hard to get a hold of. A Japanese friend pre-ordered one for me (November release) but I haven’t been able to get back in contact with him since so I just have to wait and see how that goes. *-*

03. Etude House Chocolate Gel Liner

Etude-House-Sweet-Recipe-Chocolate-Smudge-LinerWhen the Sweet Recipe Line came out I decided to skip over this product as I have never tried a gel liner before, but recently I found myself wanting the more subtle look of a gel liner. I’m really into brown eye makeup at the moment, and the cute packaging of this liner is just too hard to resist! Etude House get all my money. -_-

04. Dakota Rose Photobook

51TxA+KgvQLRecently I have been liking Dakota Rose a lot more, I am very aware of the controversy surrounding her though. Either way I imagine her book will be filled with really lovely photos, kawaii coordinates and helpful tutorials. ^_^

05. Dolly Wink Brown Lashes

IMG_dollywink325So Dolly Wink and bringing out a small range of brown eyelashes, so cute! Remember what I said about being really into brown eye makeup at the minute? It’s like Tsubasa read my mind! <3~

06. Lis Lisa Shoes

Liz-Lisa-Boots-and-summer-footwear-2013-2These Liz Lisa shoes are actually quite old, and I had seen them around plenty of times but never went through with buying them! Now they are more difficult to find I want them (typical!), mostly because I’m looking for some cute brown shoes!

I can’t wait to back to work in September so I can finally have money again aha!

24 responses to “Wishlist 06

  1. You have such an awesome, and very similar to my wants, list xD And I know how you feel about those shoes! T^T I want them so bad! One shop on Storenvy had them a few months ago but by the time I tried to purchase, they emailed me saying they were sold out and refunded me T_T It’s like nobody has them at all! I want them in green so bad ><

    • That’s so cool we have the same taste! Arghh I saw them so many times on “sweetgyarushop”, and clicked on them soooo many times and always though “awh i’ll buy them later”. Now I want to get them and they are gone LOL! I have seen them on taobao though! Going through shopping service and such can be so expensive though and such a hassle. :/

      • Yeah it’s really awesome! πŸ˜€ But yeah, even without going to a shopping service and when you’re lucky enough to find it in a regular online shop, it’s like 70$+ ><

      • Japaaan what are you doing to us??! QAQ’
        Won’t be able to get either but still… it’s nice to know that you have the opportunity, haha~

  2. Aww you could try looking for the shoes on Japan Yahoo auctions or Vivi-clothes.com πŸ™‚ I’ve been drooling over the shoes myself but I know I won’t fit into them because my feet are too big T_T

    • AHh I have seen them on Vivi clothes! But I have heard all their items are replicas, which is really annoying since they are expensive too! >o< I wouldn't minf if they were real though..

  3. urgh! I wanted that powder but… I couldn’t get it somehow XD I like those Liz Lisa shoes too! I think you can buy the Dakota Rose photobook on yahoo!Japan… othserwise… I’ve seen scans of it floating around the internet!!

  4. Oh I how I wish I could of ordered the Sailor Moon powder! I saw it on jlist.com’s email they send and I clicked on it and it was gone already 😦 Please take some awesome photos if you were able to get it!

    • Yes I saw it there too! But sadly bandai limited the compact so that you can only buy 2 at a time, so then english websites could not stock it and resell it. >_<

  5. Where do you find all of this super cute stuff. I’m in love with the innocent doll look but can’t make the look myself because I don’t know we’re to get all the clothes and super cute shoes and nails. What web sites do you look at?

  6. Hi Girl !

    I saw you on Twitter and I thought you are very cute ^-^ We share the same firstname I guess ! I’m exploring your blog and it’s adorable, I love your pink world ❀

    I recently heard about the Sailor Moon powder, I feel so excited about it, I was a great fan of the anime when I was a little girl *-*

    I also want old shoes from Liz Lisa : brown lace-up boots but they are now very difficult to find T_T


  7. Great wishlist! I’ve been really wanting a Sailor Moon Compact for a while now. I have the Liz Lisa shoes in pink, I’d love a second pair in mint. They are awesome because you don’t have to unbuckle them to put them on. They snap on & off, & the bows are removable.

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