Dolly Wink White Eyeliner Review

Yay I am going to do another beauty review today!
Since I started my youtube people have been asking me to do many different things, but I honestly enjoy the simplicity of a make-up review the best. ^-^

Today I am going to review the Dolly Wink white eyeliner, I bought this while I was on Tokyo. Like many Dolly Wink products it can easily be found online, this price can be around $12-$15.

white01It’s Dolly Wink, so of course it has very cute packaging! I love Tsubasa Masuwaka so much, she is just so perfect. I have a huge collection of Dolly Wink packaging, simply because I can’t bring myself to throw it away!

white02The pencil itself also has a very cute design, its a off-white color decorated with light purple flowers. The lid of the pencil is also super cute with it’s flower design! When it comes to simple things like eyeliner I usually just buy something from the U.K, and for the most part U.K packaging is really boring(IMO), so this pencil makes for a nice change.

white03So here is the shocker, this “white” eyeliner pencil…..isn’t actually white. The color itself is more of a champagne color, pigmented with a light shimmer. When I bought this eyeliner, I thought it was going to be a matt white, so I was honestly a little disappointed. This pencil isn’t for lining your waterline but more for highlighting the outer corners of you eye. Think of this as a “highlight” pencil rather than a white eyeliner.

white04The eyeliner is very soft, and I find that it breaks pretty easily, but it feels very smooth on the skin and applies very easily. This product would be perfect if you are looking to replicate the “aegyo-sals” look that is popular with Ulzzang girls.

white06 Overall I think the product is very nice, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. I do like to use it on days where I feel like wearing more subtle make-up, as it helps to bring a natural highlight to the eyes. This eyeliner will be perfect for anyone looking to create bright eyes without the harshness of a matte white eyeliner.

Overall score: 7/10

  •     Shimmer pigments
  •     Highlighting effect
  •     Reasonable Price
  •     Cute Packaging
  •     Great for Ulzzang look

21 responses to “Dolly Wink White Eyeliner Review

  1. Cute! It does look cute as a highlight pencil.
    I’m looking for a white pencil too, but I’m not sure which one to buy yet ._. is there one you already tried and liked?

  2. It’s too bad it’s not a matte white, but the colour is still super cute! I like how shimmery it is although yeah, it’s pretty subtle (´・ω・`)


  3. I love how honest your review is! 🙂 As I’m already a fan of Dollywink’s falsies, I thought I’d try their makeup line. The white eyeliner was my first and sadly, I was quite disappointed with the results too. 😦

  4. I couldn’t seem to find a review on the lenses you’re wearing here, would you mind telling me which ones they are? u v u

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