Decoden Store Reopening

Hello everyone!
I have finally reopened my decoden store, I’m sorry it took so long!
I decided to move from etsy, over to storenvy! Storenvy allows for a lot more control, and also allows you to make your own store design.

I hope you like the store design! I am sorry I am unable to provide custom orders at the minute, I simply need more money to buy supplies before I can commit to anything.

Here are some examples.

Chocolate Mint

chocmintchip04Kawaii Decoden


Please check out the store if you would like to see the rest of the products!



14 responses to “Decoden Store Reopening

  1. Super adorable cases! They look pretty yummy too xD And good choice with moving to Storenvy, you really do have a lot of control. I have both an Etsy and Storenvy but I think I might fully move over to Storenvy. You don’t have to keep paying to list things like Etsy ^^; And you did a great job with your shop design! Do you know a lot of coding? I had no idea you can remove all the boxes and add the stuff at the bottom xD

    • Thank you Kieli! Yeah it feels much more rewarding too when you have designed the store yourself right? (to some extent anyway haha) It’s awesome not to have to pay either! I used to be pretty good at HTML…but I didn’t use it this time, I just used the simple editor *-*
      They brought out a new “default” layout and I just edited that. ^_^

  2. Wow, those are super kawaii~!! you’re really talented! I am in love with the Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate Mint iphone cases β™₯



  3. They are all super cute! I really want all of them. I do have a question. When you have a 3d phone case like that is it annoying the carry it around? It seems like it could get a little annoying.

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