Serah Farron Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone! Yesterday I recorded another makeup tutorial!
Seriously I have no idea why, but Windows Movie Maker point blank refused to save this video in any resolution higher than 360p! I managed to get it to 720p this morning, but I seriously tried about 20 times yesterday with no luck.
I should probably try something better than Windows Movie Maker in future…..

small* List of Products used*
* Dolly Eye Crystal I Grey
* MUA Glitterball Palette – Shimmery White & Pink shades
* Etude House Dark Chocolate Smudge Liner
* Urban Decay Naked Palette (Tease, used in eye crease & lower lashline)
* E.L.F Natural Brown Eyelashes
* Dolly Wink Brown Liquid Liner (To cover eyelash glue)
* Dolly Wink Brown Mascara
* NYX White Eyeliner
* Tokyo Milk Lip Balm
* E.L.F Long Wear Lip Liner
* Candy Doll Lipstick – Ramune Pink
* Liz Lisa Blush – Pink

Music – Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST – Serahs Theme (Isn’t this song beautiful?)

13 responses to “Serah Farron Makeup Tutorial

  1. Your cosplay is very pretty!! Great video, yes windows movie maker is something you want to learn to live without for all the trouble it gives everyone >.<

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