Beuberry Kiwi Aqua Review

Good afternoon everyone!
I have another cute pair of circle lenses from Uniqso to share with you today. Uniqso have recently stocked some new Beuberry brand lenses, and have allowed me to review the Beuberry Kiwi Aqua Lenses!

Remember to use this discount code “PMilkyTea” when you are shopping at Uniqso!

DSC_1261These lenses are available for $17.90, I think this is a really great price! Lets go ahead and look at the specification:

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 3 Tones
Diameter: 16mm
Lifespan: 1 Year
Water Content: 55%

DSC_1264The lenses have a feathered black outer ring, which provides a more natural effect. The blue is fairly bright, almost like a sky-blue tone accompanied by a light brown tone which will fade into your natural eye color. One down side to these lenses is the availability of “power”, I require a power of “-1.75”, however these lenses are sadly not made in this strength. I was able to get them in the power of “-1.50”, which does help my sight to some extent but not as much as I really need.

buttonEven though the diameter is so large, I actually feel like these lenses look fairly natural, especially on blue eyes! The large diameter combined with the soft black outer ring creates a natural large eye effect. Each of the tones in these lenses blend beautifully not only together, but with your natural eye color too. The large diameter dos cause the lens to show a small area of the white eye area, which sadly is a dead giveaway that you are wearing lenses. I have had no issues comfort wise, I have been wearing them all day so far and I could barely notice them!


These lenses would be great for cosplay or even for creating a large eye doll-style look. If you are looking for lenses for a more natural everyday look I recommend lenses similar in color to these(3 tones is great for a natural look), but with a smaller diameter.

Overall score: 7/10

  •     Large Diameter
  •     Great price
  •     Soft outer ring
  •     Very comfortable
  •     Limited “power” availability

11 responses to “Beuberry Kiwi Aqua Review

  1. Wow, these lenses suit you very well! 🙂 I recently bought lenses from uniqso and they were 15.90 or something and i later found out it was one lens only :S:S such a rip off, lol 😀 But they do have some good deals as well.

    Love your hair, btw! 🙂

    • Thank you! Ahh yes they used to have an old system where you add the lens to your cart 1 at a time, but they have changed this now. I think it was a good idea to change it so now it is less confusing. ^-^

  2. Wah~ these are super cute on you! I love the colour. I was just wondering, does it hurt when you put in contacts (or when you first tried them)? I have wanted to buy these contact lenses (I forgot the brand name, but they’re Japanese) and I have never tried contact lenses before. Sorry for the unrelated question >n<


    • Thank you Arisu! Hmm no they don’t hurt at all, but they do feel uncomfortable and a bit strange the first time! It should not be painful at all though. Starting off with lenses with a small diameter is easier to get used too I think. Hope this helps! :3

  3. I really want to get circle lense but I don’t know what a good brand is. I don’t want to put a cheep brand in my eye but I don’t want to pay to much for them. What is a good brand? And how much should a they cost?

  4. With light eyes, does your natural colour tend to poke through as opposed to dark eyes that provide more of a base?

    please visit my blog :):)

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