Figure Collection – Part 1 フィギュアコレクション

Hi everyone!
Those who follow my blog probably already know that I collect figures from anime and video games! Some of you have also noticed the display case behind me in some of my videos and requested to see what was inside. *~*
I have many more figures in my collection that I can put into part 2! Be sure to turn on annotations if you would like the information concerning each figure.

Music – Final Fantasy X-2 – Memories of Light and Waves
Final Fantasy X – Battle Theme

My apologies to those followers who arn’t really into this kind of thing! ^///^’


6 responses to “Figure Collection – Part 1 フィギュアコレクション

  1. They are cute. I love collecting figurines from Bleach series especially Rukia and Abarai. My husband loves to collect the Gundams. Would love to see your part 2 collections. 😀

  2. Awww, your figures are so cute ^.^ I’m not really familiar with all the games and animes they come from though but I still enjoyed the video! I can’t wait for Pt. 2

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