Royal Hime 3D Nails Review

Hi everyone!
I have a super girly review for you today, some Royal Hime style Japanese 3D Nails!  These lovely nails were kindly sponsored by HimeCastle, but rest assured everything written in this review is my honest opinion!~ HimeCastle is a great site for those who love gyaru, they stock a wide range of gyaru themes items from clothes to beauty products.

DSC_1474HimeCastle stock a wide range of 3D nails, so if the nails I decided to get are not to your taste then there are plenty of other styles to choose from! One thing I love about these nails is the fact they come in a range of different sizes! Where I live I find it very difficult to find false nails that fit my nail size, so I rarely get a chance to wear them! As shown above I received the size “XS”, which fit me very comfortably.

DSC_1478I’m sure you can probably tell just by looking at them, but they aren’t the most practical nails in the world, they are very thick and long which means I have to type this review with the tip of the nails ahahah! I think that these kind of nails are perfect for special occasions, and they make quite the fashion statement too. While wearing these I get a lot of complements about them! The nails themselves look very delicate, in fact they are actually very sturdy and well assembled.

DSC_1490 Within the nail set you will get a nail buffer, nail file, glue, cuticle pusher and also some spare decorative pieces that you can use for repairs! Everything you need is included, so you don’t need to worry about going out and buying any extras. \^-^/

DSC_15258They are cute right?! I am excited to wear them on a date with my boyfriend this weekend.~~ The nails are of course reusable, you simply need hot water to remove them, so when you are finished you can simply store them until next time.
Hime Castle have also asked me to mention their newly opened sister website: 4Hime! 4Hime also stock a wide range of gyaru items so please check them out as well! ^-^


13 responses to “Royal Hime 3D Nails Review

  1. I can see what you mean about them not being very practical haha. Very pretty design, though I know I wouldn’t be able to get used to these.

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