EOS Candy Sakura Blue Review

Hi everyone! Hope you all are well!

I am back with another circle lens review of EOS Candy Sakura Blue! This review is sponsored by the online circle lens store Loveshoppingholics and are available for purchase at $21.90. Rest assured that everything I say in this post is 100% my own opinion, and the lenses were chosen by myself.


First lets look at the spec for these lenses! Don’t they have such an eye catching design? You can click here to view these lenses on the Loveshoppingholics webstore.

  • Origin – Korea
  • Diameter – 14.5mm
  • Water Content – 38%
  • Base Curve – 8.8mm
  • Life Span – 1 year

01The above image shows how the lenses look after being inserted! Personally I am completely in love with how they look, the blue from the lenses is so vibrant and really stands out. I also like how it softly fades into my natural eye color as this gives some real dimension to the look. If you are looking for lenses with a very vibrant eye-catching blue then I think these would make the perfect choice! I originally thought the bold black outer ring would be too heavy for my taste, but actually it provides a really great enlarging effect.

02Loveshoppingholics also provide a super cute lens case with your purchase of circle lenses! Haha aren’t these little piggy-wiggys so cute?! The case itself is of very good quality too!

08I think these lenses would be great with a strong gyaru look, or even cosplay but definitely not a natural look. They are very comfortable so I don’t think they will cause any issues if you are planning to wear them for a while. Overall I couldn’t really find anything I disliked about these lenses, their design is very unique, they are cheap, and super comfy!

  • Vibrant blue
  • Strong/blod outer ring
  • Comfortable
  • Best suited for strong gyaru looks

9 responses to “EOS Candy Sakura Blue Review

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  2. Hey can you go on my Instagram @ghostlyberrys and see if these would suit me? I want to get these, but I don’t know if they will fit me.

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