TaoBao/Yoybuy Haul – Outfit Video

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
Today I am going to share with you another outfit video. This video is sponsored by the TaoBao shopping service Yoybuy!

For those who have never heard of TaoBao before, TaoBao is basically the Chinese version of eBay.You can find everything and anything there, including so many cheap gyaru, ulzzang and Japanese street clothing! The down side? The vast majority of TaoBao stores do not ship outside China, therefore a shopping service is the way to go. Here I am going to review my experience with the Yoybuy shopping service.

Firstly, when you open the Yoybuy website you are able to enter any search term in English which will bring up results from the TaoBao website. Personally I find this very useful, although I find I get many ore results by going directly to TaoBao.

If you have searched for your item on the TaoBao website, you can copy and paste the URL into the search bar on the Yoybuy website, this will bring up the chosen item with English translations! From here you can add your item to your cart the same way as any other shopping website. I really like how this is done because it is so easy to do!

Once you have added your items to your cart, all of the items will be listed with the price, shipping price and overall total. Again I like how this is done because it is showing you the cost of your items upfront.

Once you are ready, you can go ahead and pay for your items. Under the “My Order” link, each of your items will appear on a list. Next to each item in a “chat” button if you have any questions to ask the Yoybuy customer service. A few of the items I tried to buy were sold out which was disappointing, but it gave me a chance to see how Yoybuys customer service performs. I found the customer service to be very helpful and extremely fast! As soon as Yoybuy were aware of the item being sold out, I was refunded immediately.
Also listed next to your item is the status of that individual item, for example the date it was shipped to yoybuy and the date it arrived with them.


7 responses to “TaoBao/Yoybuy Haul – Outfit Video

  1. I like your video. interest! i also like shopping online. but not yoybuy, because my friends advise to perchuse via newbuybay, they said that it is better. yoybuy works like taobao agent? the same with newbuybay? and what is their advantage??

  2. Your video was super helpful! ^__^ .
    I’m just wondering how long did it take for your purchase to arrive? because i also live in northern ireland and I’m thinking of buying some things from taobao/yoybuy too.

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