Wishlist 07

It’s only the 1st of November and i’m already getting attacked with Christmas adverts on T.V hahaha! I’ve had a really lazy day so far, I just had a nice warm bath and got changed back into my pajamas. I’m sitting here snuggled up with my hot water bottle on my lap with The Jeremy Kyle Show playing in the background!

I REALLY wanted to do a blog post today, but I’m too lazy to put make-up on and take pictures hahahaha! So I decided to do a new wishlist post, some of these things are items I want to get for Christmas. I always find it so fun to look back at old wishlists to see what I did end up buying and what I didn’t!

01. Beauty Blender

Beauty_Blender1I know i’m a little late to the beauty blender party! I haven’t used a sponge to apply my make-up in years, I usually use a foundation brush or just my fingers so I’m just looking to try something new.

02. Dolly Wink Volume Mascara

106500803011nI love the Dolly Wink Volume Mascara, I already own the old purple bottle. It makes my lashes look so amazing, the one big downside is I find it is so difficult to remove! It seriously gives me panda eyes for days, so I’m hoping this new formula has fixed this problem. Anyone else had this problem with the Volume Mascara?

03. Liz Lisa Bag

$(KGrHqVHJEIFHZvlYzf(BR-3eUOESw~~60_3This bag is super cute, I love the colors, they kind of remind me of mermaids! It is pretty hard to come by though, I can’t find it on TaoBao…though I’m sure it’s floating around there somewhere! It looks like the size of this bag is decent enough for every day use!

04. Benefit PoreFessional Primer

10552666-1361800643-374273I’ve never tried any of Benefits products before, but I have heard so many nice things about this primer! I really like the packaging too, it is super cute.

05. Sailor Moon Eyeliner

eyeliner01More Sailor Moon Cosmetics! I don’t really need any new eyeliners to be honest….I just want them because it’s Sailor Moon! I have already ordered the black liquid eyeliner and white pencil liner, but I won’t be getting them until Christmas day. :3

06. EM Contour Stick

$T2eC16ZHJHUFFfi2!ElCBSQn8r849Q~~60_35The one product from Michelle Phans makeup range I am really interested in is her contour stick, it looks like it is sooo easy to use, and the fair shade looks perfect for my pale skin. Sadly, she does not yet ship internationally, I have seen it ridiculously overpriced on eBay though. I have heard some really mixed reviews regarding Em Cosmetics….I wonder if they are really no good?

07. Urban Decay All Nighter

MarigoldBrown_07I seriously need some setting spray for my makeup, especially now that it’s coming to Winter, the weather is so harsh! I have heard some great things about this setting spray so it seems like a good choice.

08. Drawer Seperators

4862d22fc9a5e8112b0e425af3779013I NEED these so badly! My make-up drawers are such a mess, so these would really some in handy. Once I get some of these and sort out my drawers I can make a makeup storage video.

Thank you for reading my Wishlist guys! What is on your wishlist these days? ^3^


14 responses to “Wishlist 07

  1. I use the long dolly wink mascara and I’ve found that the My Beauty Diary Peach Soda Lip and Eye remover removes it perfectly otherwise, oil make up removers work well in general. ^.^ and I’ve tried the Benefit primer, I feel I should say it feels like silicon to me, maybe try it before you buy it. :3 It is nice though!! I really want to try the make up from the sailor moon line but it’s so expensive… TT_TT and I wouldn’t use it so it would be a waste. TT_TT I love that bag too~ It’s really pretty!!

    • Oh I love My Beauty Diary masks so maybe I will give it a try! The DW long mascara seems to remove fine for me but the volume one just wont get off! XD
      I found the sailor moon eyeliner on ebay for about $28.00 which is still kinda expensive but not at the same level as the compact of lip balm which are like $60-$100 D:!!!

  2. Have heard AMAZING reviews on the urban decay primer! And I want to try the beauty blender too! I use a cheap foundation brush now and it’s usable, but I’d want to see if there’s a big difference for the beauty blender! Gosh I need to start making a Christmas list too! Thanks for reminding me? Haha I’m in trouble >_<

    • I feel the same, I see so many people raving about it on Youtube so i really wanna see if it is worth the hype!
      Hahaha your welcome, it’s annoying if you want to buy things online for Christmas because you have to start so early! XD

  3. Hi Sophie! Everytime I see Dolly Wink products in the store here it always reminds me of you. They have tons here, well the Japanese market we go to frequently at least. I’m not on the Beauty Blender wagon either but I’m excited to see Real Techniques released a much cheaper version, I’m just hoping it will be amazing. Oh, Em cosmetics I really want to try, their concealer is something I want to invest money on, someday hehe ^^

    • Hi Donah! How have you been? hahaha oh wow I wish I could buy Dolly WInk in the store, I always have to buy them online! Oh wow really, I will have to check the real techniques one out too then!
      I hear some bad things about EM, but I just can’t imagine Michelle would release bad products X_X!

  4. I’ve been using the Urban Decay All Nighter for a few months now and I can definitely recommend it! The Liz Liza bag is so cute ^^

  5. i just recently got the beauty blender, and i LOVE it!
    i have really dry skin, so applying with a brush is no good, and i have a bad habit of applying too much foundation when i use my fingers ><
    but seriously, my skin is also breaking out alot lately, and i can literally just use bb cream with the beauty blender, and i can get it all covered up with one layer!! it's amazing ;____;♡

    the porefessional is really great too! i'm on my second tube of it, and i'll definitely continue to use it! i put it on my nose, cheeks, and chin and let it dry before applying a different primer to the rest of my face, and it seriously makes my skin look soooo much better!

    • My skin is starting to get very dry right now too beacuse it is getting very cold! I hope if that is the case it will work well for me too haha!
      Wow that is great news! haha I think I need both these items asap!

  6. Now I want the bag too! ;^; makes me wish I lived somewhere else.
    P.s. How do you balance your make up? Every time I wear anything more than concealer and eyeshadow I feel like I’m over doing it and my paleface gets washed out. You seem to balance your makeup really well, and you never look over done.

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