Skin79 Super+ Vital BB Cream Review

Yaaaay~ Review time! Uniqso have recently started selling the super popular Skin79 BB Creams(100% Authentic by the way) and have very kindly given me one to review!

Ever wondered why Korean women have flawless and glowing skin? True; BB creams are very vital if you want to treat your skin the way Koreans do. Korean skin care and make up  products may form a big list; but a BB cream and a CC cream is the first most product needed as your essential beauty rescue regimen. You can find out here if your skin needs a BB cream or a CC cream to make a wise decision as per your skin requirement.

I think it was over a year ago I did my review on the Skin79 BB cream that is designed solely for dry skin, since then my skin has changed quite a bit so that particular BB Cream doesn’t really work for me anymore. Now that my skin has gone from very dry to combination, I have been trying out the Skin79 Super+ Vital BB Cream!

bbre03This BB Cream is currently on offer at Uniqso for $23.12!
It contains both SPF50+ protection and PA+++ protection. This product also claims to have whitening properties as well as wrinkle improvement, sounding good so far!
Since SKin79 is such a popular brand there are many fakes out there, so be careful for that when you are buying one from places such as Amazon or eBay. Uniqsos products are of course authentic so you won’t need to worry if you get the BB Cream from there. 😀

bbre06I don’t know about you guys, but I do not like to wear a foundation everyday. For work and daily errands I prefer to use a light BB Cream that will help to protect my skin. in work I spend a lot of time in the playground so I am actually exposed to the sun quite a bit (I hate winter sun urghh!), so it is really important for my daily BB cream to contain SPF protection. Even though SPF does keep our skin protected, it doesn’t photograph too well, so at times when i’m taking videos or my picture will be taken I prefer to wear a foundation with a low or no SPF.

bbre05As someone who suffers from acne scars which just refuse to go away, it is important to me that my BB Cream will provide a decent coverage. I would say the coverage of this product is pretty good but does not provide 100% coverage, I still need to apply a bit of concelar here and there which is fine. It does however cover pores very nicely, after applying my skin does not feel suffocated or cakey either! As far as oil control goes I do find that it will keep my T-Zone from getting overly oily for a couple of hours, but after that I do get a little shiny on my nose. As for the rest of my face the BB Cream hold up very well and still looks great after a day of work.


Overall, I think this BB Cream is great for use everyday in places such as school or work. It feels nice and light on the face, yet still covers pores and imperfections nicely. It is great for those of us with combination skin as it helps to control oil but also feels nicely hydrating on dry areas!

Overall score: 9/10

  •     Best for Oily/combination skin
  •     SPF+50
  •     Whitening and wrinkle improvement
  •     Great price!
  •     Perfect for everyday
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4 responses to “Skin79 Super+ Vital BB Cream Review

  1. Such an awesome review of Skin79 BB cream Vital! I recently noticed that uniqso is giving away free bb creams for repeat customers. Its just this that i am broke and i placed order with them last month >_<
    Cant again order

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