Dolly Eye Dizon Eye Green Review

Hi guys! Happy New Year! ~~
I’m pretty sad 2013 is over tbh, because it was such a great ear for me! But who is to say 2014 can’t be even better?! Right? 😀
Anyway I have a new lens review for you today, Uniqso have given me a super cute pair of Dolly Eye Dizon Eye lenses in Green. These lenses are available on Uniqso for $17.90.

grele03Here’s the stuff you need to know!~

  • Diameter – 14.5mm
  • Water Content – 38%
  • Base Curve – 8.6mm
  • Life Span – 1 year

grele02These lenses have a subtle black outer line which I like, it is the perfect medium between a natural look and a OTT dolly look. The green shade fades into my natural blue eye color very nicely which makes the color look very natural, however the green does not stand out as much as I would like. I think those with dark brown eyes would see a much brighter green color stand. Read this guide for more information on choosing circle lenses according to skin tone.

grele04I found these lenses to be extremely comfortable, even more so than other circle lenses I have tried! I even forgot I was wearing them at one point, I couldn’t feel them at all. Usually when I go on my computer or watch t.v with circle lenses I find them quite uncomfortable, however with these I did not experience this at all! I was very happy about that, these are totally wearable for long periods of time, however if your circle lenses are uncomfortable deal with them at home. Following these tips; you can get used to of wearing circle lenses even if you are a beginner. Overall I feel these lenses create a subtle yet beautiful dolly style effect, without being to unnatural!

Overall Score: 8/10

  •     Very reasonable price
  •     Very comfortable
  •     Dark eyes will provide the best color pay-off
  •     Natural Doll look

p.s Uniqso are having a special 3 day offer with some products being discounted up to 50%! :3
(31/12/12 – 01/01/14)


6 responses to “Dolly Eye Dizon Eye Green Review

  1. I really like the natural look these lenses give you! I’ve read your previous lenses reviews, but these really make me want to give it a try. Having never worn lenses (of any kind), I’m a little nervous… Anyway! Your blog is beautiful, your content is great, always clear and to the point and your pics are very inspiring! I’ve been reading you for a while and always wanted to tell you thank you ^_^

  2. I just bought these lenses because they look so good on your light eyes! I have green eyes so they just made mine bigger which was exactly what I wanted!

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