abHair Pink Wig Review


Hi guys! Sorry this video took a while to get up, I sadly didn’t have my laptop over the weekend! D:
But it is up now so yay! Thank you ABhair for sponsoring me this lovely wig!
Website: http://www.abhair.com/
Pink wig: http://www.abhair.com/product/pink-friday-long-curl-synthetic-costume-wig
Rember to use the discount code “SophieS15” for 15% off at abHair!

Today I have done a short review of the cute pink wig I received from abHair.com, I really love this wig! I have wanted a pink wig for so long, I love pink hair so much but I’m kind of afraid to dye my real hair incase it goes wrong or something!


If your not really interested in pink wigs abhair also stock a lot of other hair products, such as hair extensions! The owner of this site is really sweet so I definitely recommend them. Here are the pros and cons of the wig I received:

*Beautiful color
*Soft curls
*Lovely style
*Fast and secure shipping
*Heat friendly
*Looks super cute in photos
*Friendly customer service

*A little shiny
*Bangs are a little short

Hope you guys enjoyed this video! I know I enjoyed wearing this wig! :*


7 responses to “abHair Pink Wig Review

  1. That is a lovely pink wig! Great review (≧∇≦)~ It really looks cute on you. Yeah it’s better to just wear wigs than dye your hair, then you can wear any color or length you want.

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