I created a Luvocracy!

Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
I’m super bored to be honest, my camera broke and is with Nikon being repaired right now so it means I can’t review anything or record any videos. zzzzzzz~~~

BUT I have had a lot of fun today creating my Luvocracy account! I have pondered creating an account for some time since some of my favorite beauty bloggers have praised it! I get a lot of questions regarding where I bought clothing items or what skincare and makeup I use so I thought this would be a really lovely way to put all the items I love into one place!


Luvocracy basically lets you create a list of items you either love already or want to have, but the handy part is you can actually BUY the product through Luvocracy! Luvocracy have staff who will shop around for the cheapest version of the product, if you overpaid in the original payment then the difference is refunded to you! If you buy something from my collections then I earn a bit of commission, but it is super tiny~ oh well a bit of pocket money is just an added bonus I guess.

I still don’t know all the ins and outs of the website yet but I hope you enjoy my collections and I will continue to update them! https://www.luvocracy.com/peachymilk

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