Kimchi Bambi Pink Review

Hello girlies! I’m back with another circle lens review YAY!
Some of you may already know but currently my camera is with Nikon being repaired (£170 OUCH!! T_T), but thankfully a friend let me borrow a camera to take some pictures with! I can’t take videos with it though, so I will just have to wait to make another video.

Today I am going to review Kimchi Bambi in Pink, I have always wanted to give pink lenses a try and I though since Valentines day is coming up this would be the perfect time! These lenses were sponsored by Uniqso, but everything said in this review is 100% my own opinion!
Don’t forget if you do decided to get these or any other lenses from Uniqso you can use the code “PMilkyTea” to get a discount!

You can find these lenses on Uniqso for $22.90
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 3 Tones
Diameter: 16mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Water Content: 55%


As you can see the lenses themselves aren’t entirely pink, on the inside they have a orangey/brownish color which then fades into a light pink. As my eyes are blue, I found that the brown in these lenses stood out on my eyes far more than the pink. If you have brown eyes however I feel you would notice the outer pink tones far more. These lenses also sport a thick yet sharply feathered black outer ring, this ring gives your eyes a very anime-like look! They don’t have a natural look by any stretch of the imagination, but they do make my eyes appear to double in size!

Note from Uniqso: “You would definitely want to apply makeup skillfully with pink circle lenses. As without proper makeup; you will be only spoiling your look.Pink circle lenses are also ideal if you want to pull off Gyaru/Kawaii Look

Comfort wise I had no problem with these lenses despite the fact that are 16mm! I found them very comfortable, I wore them for about 4 hours and I feel I could have worn them longer if I wanted to. I think these lenses would be perfect if you are cosplaying a character with light brown/pinkish eyes. Overall I really love these lenses, I usually prefer more natural looking circle lenses but I really enjoyed wearing these! I hope I get another chance to wear them again soon!

Overall score: 9/10

  •     Great enlargement effect
  •     Pink/brown tones
  •     Good price
  •     Comfortable despite large diameter
  •     Great for cosplay
    Link to lenses

7 responses to “Kimchi Bambi Pink Review

  1. the circle lenses look really nice, I also had really wanted to buy some in pink, but I still have not decided for certain, so far that I have are brown (like my eyes ^ ^) but ones that reach me coming from Yoki brand eye, green ^ ^ ~ I love your blog, ta see me anime to buy these * — *. Pd – I hope your camera is ready soon

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