Skin 79 Kick It Side Poseidon Lash Review

Hello my lovelies! I have good news, my camera is now fixed! Now I can go back to making videos and doing reviews whenever I want!

Last month I ordered the Skin79 Kick It Side Poseidon Lash Mascara to review for Uniqso but since I was lacking a camera I had to wait until now. You can get this Mascara on Uniqso for $18.90. You can use the code “PMilkyTea” for a discount!

skimas03I really like the packaging for this mascara, it’s very vibrant and eye-catching! It has a green lid, and he bottle is decorated with green and orange polka dots.  When it comes to packaging I usually prefer a more girly/princess style but I think this is also very nice!

This Mascara has a very uniquely shaped brush, I find the brush allows me to catch all of my lashes with ease! There’s not much to say about the brush other than it does work well, I find this shape works better than the traditional straight brush.

The mascara claims to focus on volumizing, which is what I feel my lashes need most. Sadly I think this mascara created more length than it did volume. With more coats I found that it tended to clump my lashes together, so I felt than just 1 or 2 coats looked the best. Secondly the mascara claims to be fast drying and smudge proof. I have pretty long bottom lashes, so mascara always tends to smudge onto my skin under my eye and sadly this mascara could not prevent this. To be fair though, the top lashes did not smudge at all and dried very fast, so I think that if you don’t have longer bottom lashes then the smudging wouldn’t be a problem!

skimas02As this mascara dried quickly I found that it did hold the curl in my lashes very nicely! Overall I feel this mascara would best suit someone with shorter lashes that would like a nice cross between voluminous and lengthening.

Overall score 7/10

  •     Cheap Price
  •     Fun packaging
  •     Unique Wand,makes it easy to coat every lash
  •     Fast drying
  •     Not enough voluminous for me

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