TwinsTwinkle Outfit Video 洋服

Hi guys!
Phew, I’m so glad to get my camera back, my camera sadly broke a few weeks ago so I had to send it off to Nikon to be repaired. It took them agessss!! But hey, it’s back now!
Before my camera broke I the store owner from TwinsTwinkle contacted me and asked me to make an outfit video for them! I checked out their webstore they have super cute clothes! I have not had a chance to make an outfit video in a while now, I wish I had a better place to record them.

My experience of shopping with Twinkling’s was an overall positive one! The parcel arrived quickly with me, and each item was well packaged(They also offer free shipping on many items). Each of the items I received were of very good quality so I can’t complain! Out of everything I have to say the Sailor Moon Jumper is my favorite, it is seriously so comfy you guys!

Here are the links to each item:
BoBon21 Jumper:
BoBon21 Skirt:

BoBon21 Jumper:

Sailor Moon Jumper:

Brown Socks:


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