Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Black Liquid Eyeliner Review

Hello cuties! Today I am going to review my Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Liquid Eyeliner in Black. Some of you may remember me mentioning this eyeliner in my “What I got for Christmas” video! Even though it was a Christmas gift, I picked it myself on eBay, and if memory serves me correctly it cost around $20-$25 including shipping.

As far as I am aware this item is only available in Japan, so if you live outside Japan you will need to order online. There is also a brown version available if you prefer. Sailor Moon is in the name, so as expected the packaging is extremely sweet and dreamy. The packaging of the eyeliner it’s self isn’t all that exciting, but the box it comes in is amazing! It even opens up to display a picture of all the Sailor Scouts, which is a really nice touch!


The tip of the eyeliner is soft and sharp, personally I find this kind of tip easiest to use and the best for creating a cat-eye effect. The shape and feel of the eyeliner is very similar to that of the Dolly Wink eyeliners, however there is one difference that I noticed. The formula of this eyeliner is not as thick as I would like, when I apply the eyeliner it is not quite as BLACK as I would like and I had to go over the line a couple of times to reach the desired effect.


06Can you see what I mean? I find this eyeliner to be like a watered down version of the Dolly Wink eyeliner.  Throughout the day I had no troubles with the eyeliner smudging or fading which I was really happy with!

02Overall I do really like this eyeliner, however I won’t be giving up my Dolly Wink any time soon. This eyeliner is the perfect product for any Sailor Moon fans, even if it’s just for the novelty factor! Many of the Sailor Moon Miracle Romance makeup products are very expensive, so it is nice that the eyeliners have remained on the cheaper end of things.

Overall score: 7/10

  •     Reasonable priced
  •     Only available in Japan
  •     Soft and sharp tip
  •     Thin formula

7 responses to “Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Black Liquid Eyeliner Review

  1. I have wanted the brown Sailor Moon eyeliner sooo bad, but I don’t have $20 to spend on eyelliner ; ~ ;

  2. Aww I was sad when all the SM products like the compact sold out, but this looks really thin. Some of my eyeliners that are like that only work on absolutely bare skin with no moisturizer, BB, or powder.

    Thanks for reviewing.

  3. Oh, I think I will stay with the dolly wink D: I really like pigmented eyeliners that give a pitch black effect. Aww, I’m because I really wanted to buy ;-;

  4. Although I like those really thick black eyelines usually, the soft SM eyeliner suits quite good to your style and appearance. It is very cute ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞

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