Update Video!

Haha guys I hope this video isn’t too awkward or lame~!
But I am really trying to be more comfortable in front of the camera, I think that is I just keep making videos like this it will happen naturally!

So this is just a little video of me talking to you guys about what’s going on with me right now. I hope that you guys were able to get a little glimpse of my personality instead of me being all quiet and stiff all the time. xD~

If you guys have any videos to request then please just let me know in the comments!

P.S If you have any questions regarding my surgery I will try and answer them all in the video! I want to wait until it heals up a bit more until I make it. 🙂


9 responses to “Update Video!

  1. You have the cutest accent!

    I just wanted to say that I am so proud of you for being so upfront about your surgery. It’s wonderful that you feel that you made the right choice for you and that you’re so open about it. Good on you for doing something that was important to you and sticking to your guns. You look gorgeous (you looked gorgeous before the surgery too btw!)

    • Hahaha aw thank you! I always think Northern Irish accent sounds so awkward xD!
      And thank you so much for your support! Even before I got it done everyone was against it, but I knew it was what I really wanted! ^_^

  2. ahh you’re too adorbs~
    i’m all for plastic surgery, you’ve got one life to live and live it the way you want.
    nice vid btw! i love ur cute personality! i can’t wait to see more 😀

    • Same here! It has made me feel much more happy in my own skin in such a short while! I’m glad I did it. :3
      Aw thanks dear! I want to make more vids like this too >3<!

  3. Oh yay that was such a fun video ^^ That will be nice going around fall time, you’ll just miss the humid summers. If you guys have any free time I’ll come say hello 😀 Have fun with your move~

    • Yay thank you so much! Yes I am so excited, I really wanted to avoid summer because I get so grouchy in heat xD
      Yes that would be awesome!

  4. I would love to see your videos more often :3 And you look totally fine in this video, to me you looked very comfortable in front of the camera, it was like a converse *O*
    I am also going to Japan this year but only in December, too bad >__<. You are so lucky to be able to go with your boyfriend, I will probably go alone… again xD How long does it take from your city until Tokyo? :3

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  5. I think it’s great, I liked it 😀 I’d like to start a youtube channel as well instead of blogging, but being behind the camera scares me so much! xx

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