Room Tour

Ah I forgot to post my room tour here on my blog of all places! Silly Sophie~~ 😛

Welcome to my bedroom little peaches!
Yay I finally get to share my room tour with you, I’m pretty pleased with how the redecoration turned out in the end.
I had the style of “Liz Lisa” in mind when I was planning what to do, which is why I have a lot of florals and pink! There are a few more finishing touches that need to be added, the door needs to be painted and I want some floral garlands to put around the mirror, and I would like a cute rug too, but it’s pretty much done!
I hope that you guys like my room, and as always leave any video requests or ideas you may have below! Oh and thumbs up! ^///^


8 responses to “Room Tour

  1. i love love love your cute figures! i can never afford them and i have no where to display them. but they match in ur cute lil pink room! and daaang… all those games… sheesh! good job in keeping them all in one place. i need to steal ur idea hehe

    where did you get all that cute floral bedding?! omigoodness cuteness!

  2. You have a lot of stuff and yet your room is still organized and looks like it has a lot of space! And of course it is suuuper cute *O* Mine still has a long way to become the way I want it. Do you have any tips to share about decorating/organizing your room? I would be very happy :3

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

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