EOS Lip Blam Tangerine Review

Hi guys! Hope you are doing well!
I’ve had a super productive day phew, so why stop now? I decided I will upload my review of the EOS Lip Balm in Tangerine that was given to me by Lunatu! Lunatu is a UK based store which sells Korean and Japanese beauty products!


OK so unless you have been living under a rock you have probably already heard of this cute little lip balm. It is super popular with bloggers and even celebrities! It’s packaging is so unique, it looks like a little egg right? It is prefect for throwing into your handbag! I received the Tangerine flavor, but this lip balm comes a huge range of other flavors. It has quite a strong scent, it smells super delicious.


You get quite a lot of product in this little egg! I have a feeling this is going to last me a very long time, I have already used it loads of times and I still haven’t made a dent! The balm itself is really moisturizing while not feeling too sticky or heavy. After applying the lip balm I can feel it sitting ontop of my lips for a few minutes, but it quickly absorbs into the skin. When it has been absorbed it leaves my lips feeling super smooth and supple!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little review! You can find the EOS Lip Balms on Lunatu for £5.25

3 responses to “EOS Lip Blam Tangerine Review

  1. I use EOS lip balms right now but I find that I have to reapply it quite frequently. They don’t seem to moisturise my lips as much as they require…crazy rumors works better for me. It’s such a shame because I know these are so popular and absolutely adorable! I would love to try the tangerine one!

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