Dolly Eye Starry Eye Green Review

Hi guys!
I’m back with another lens review from Uniqso~ Hoorayyy! Today I am going to review Dolly Eye Starry Green. These lenses are bright which really caught my eye, I was looking for lenses which would suit my upcoming Rikku Cosplay!

You can use the code “PMilkyTea” to get a discount at Uniqso! ^3^



These Lenses are available at Uniqso for $22.90

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 2 Tones
Diameter: 14.8mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Water Content: 38%


When I first saw these lenses in real life, I though “wow!”.  In the picture they look like they are a slightly darker green, but in reality they are a very vibrant lighter green, they are really unique! I think the best way to describe the color of these lenses would be spectacular! As I have blue eyes it can be kind of difficult to find green lenses that will stand out in such a striking way like these do, and I think if you have darker eyes they will stand out even more!


Comfort-wise I have no complaints once again, Dolly Eye seriously make the most comfortable lenses in my opinion so I would highly recommend them to a beginner!
As these are super bright, I wouldn’t recommend them for an everyday or natural look. These are perfect lenses suited to cosplay because they have such a cartoonish feel, I definitely made the right choice for my Rikku Cosplay! Please watch out for these in my Rikku Makeup tutorial coming up haha! Also I ordered these lenses in blue for another cosplay coming up… ;3

Overall score: 9/10

  • Comfortable
    Reasonably Prices
    Perfect for Cosplay
    Bright and vibrant
    Not suited for natural look

4 responses to “Dolly Eye Starry Eye Green Review

  1. I ordered these exact contacts about a month ago. I have yet to receive them I am quite upset I’ve been looking in the mail everyday for 2 weeks anticipating getting these and it’s very frustrating when they don’t show up and I have paid for them please look up my account & find what’s going on and let me know. my email address is:

    • What? I can’t look up your account honey, you need to email Uniqso and ask about it. If you go to their site and go to “contact” and tell them about the issue .___.

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