Choies Haul & Review

Hello guys! Sorry this video took a while to upload, I was having some difficulties with my camera and laptop!
But all is good now~
Also I’m sorry for my voice in this video too, I’ve had a bit of a sore throat lately! 😦

This video is sponsored by Choies but everything I say is 100% my own opinions. I hope you guys like the items I picked! Overall I am very happy with my items! When I posted my package from Choies on my Social Media I got a few comments from people who said their clothing was of really bad quality so I became worried, but in the end I was happy to discover my items were all of fairly good quality! One of the straps of my crop top did break, but as far as fabric and design go I was very pleased! Choies prices are also very reasonable, so I personally think they are a lovely store!

Here are the links to each item:
Lilac Crop Top:
Rose Skirt:
Violet Maxi Skirt:
White Lace Cami:


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