Elsa Photoshoot for EZCosplay

Hi guys!
So for those who didn’t know, a while ago EZCosplay Costumes held a contest to find their models for Elsa and Ana! I sent in my photo and was lucky enough to win! I was sososososo happy!

Here is the photos that I sent in:

Since then I have finished my photoshoot for EZCosplay.

The costume can be purchased here.
I wanted to show you guys the photos!

efr0010--1_1 efr0010--2 efr0010--3_1 efr0010--5_1And here are some photos that I edited myself haha, I couldn’t resist making it look all snowy! Keep in mind the photos by EZCosplay are closer to the colours of the costume irl.

elsa01 elsa02 elsa04This costume is currently on sale at EZCosplay!

3 responses to “Elsa Photoshoot for EZCosplay

  1. Hi, hows it going? I’ve saw this on your FB. That’s a nice perfections! You looked pretty for Elsa cosplay, I don’t think I have some feedback.

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