Uniqso Cosplay Wig Review

Hi guys! Gosh it feels like it had been so long since I have done a review post!
Recently my sponsor Uniqso have started selling a wide collection of wigs, to celebrate, this month I decided to order and review a wig instead of lenses! I hope you guys enjoy the review!
Don’t worry, you can still use my coupon code with wigs too!

wig01So here is the wig that I decided to get! This wig is actually a cosplay wig for the character “Amnesia”, I personally do not know the character and do not plan on cosplaying her BUT I felt the wig was so cute! What drew me to this wig is the lovely unique shade of dark blonde, it is very similar to my natural hair color! A part of me has always wanted to know how I would look with my natural color….

wig02This wig comes with a little “bun” that you can remove if you wish! I think the little bun is quite cute and looks super nice for pictures, but I also like the look of this wig without the bun. This wig is heat resistant, so it can be styled in any way you want! I personally would like to straighten this wig to lengthen it out a bit!

As for the fit, this wig was easy to fit over my super long thick hair, the wig itself is nice and thick too! I had no problems with shine on this wig either, it appears very natural!

wig03This wig is available to Uniqso for $33.90
Overall I am super happy with my wig from Uniqso, and even if this wig is not for you I totally recommend checking them out if you are looking to buy a wig for cosplay or just for fun like me!

Do you think the wig suits me guys? I really think it will look nice once I straighten it ^_^


4 responses to “Uniqso Cosplay Wig Review

  1. Hi Sophie ❤
    I think the wig really suits you, I like the colour and the bun, it is soo cute *-*
    Could you please do a wardrobe video where you show us all your clothes? It would be really kind of you.

  2. Can you get even more adorable than this??? Sophie you have my dream face, wish I could just get 100 plastic surgeries to look like you he he, xx

    Also congrats on growing out your youtube channel, I know when you posted the Tokyo haul you had a few thousand followers and now boom, you have 20 times more, I am so proud of you and so happy I’ve been watching you from the start, xx

  3. I really loved your style, you really inspired me 🙂 every outfit you put together is amazing ^^ the wig looked so real~ I should go buy one hehe

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