Skin 79 Complete CC Cream Control

Hello girls! Today I am going to review my first ever CC Cream, the Skin 79 Complete Control CC Cream (Orange) from Uniqso!
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cccream01This CC Cream is available at Uniqso for $32.90

I have wanted to try out a CC Cream for some time now, but since my skin suffers from hormonal acne and acne scars I never felt CC Cream would be enough to cover my flaws. Recently, my skin condition has improved quite a bit so I decided to take the plunge and try out this CC Cream! I have always been a big fan of Skin79 BB Creams so I was happy to go with this brand! There are two available versions of this BB Cream, the “Control” version (orange) which is for:

  • Natural coverage
  • Soothes dry & stressed skin
  • Minimizes appearance of enlarged pores
  • Radiant glow

The “Correct” version (pink) is used for :

  • Soothes dry & stressed skin
  • Keeps skin firm & elastic
  • Provides nutrition to skin
  • Prevents skin from damage
  • Provides natural coverage
  • Reduces the enlarged pores

cccream02At first glace the packaging looks like it is in a squeezable tube, but actually it uses a pump to give you easy control over the amount of product you like, this is also more hygienic!

cccream03When pump the product out of the bottle, it first appears a light pink color! At first I thought this was really strange, it appears to look and feel more like a moisturizer. When you rub the product into your skin, it will appear very sheer and provide very little change to your skin. In fact it will appear quite shiny, once again like a moisturizer! However, after you have waited about a minute or so, the cream will begin to change color to match your skin tone, it will sink into the skin gradually and provide a natural dewy look.

As with most CC Creams, this CC Cream has very little coverage and is very light on the skin, if you have blemished skin then sadly it is unlikely to provide the coverage you need. If you are lucky enough to have quite skin, then this product is perfect as it won’t suffocate your skin or damage it. In my opinion this CC Cream is perfect if you are young and starting out with makeup, especially if your parents are against the idea! This cream is very natural and provides skin protection whereas foundation can tend to suffocate the skin.

Overall score 8/10

  • Very sheer coverage
  • Many skin benefits
  • Light and allows the skin to breathe
  • Not suitable for blemished skin
  • Suitable for clear skin
  • Excellent for those starting out with makeup

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