Hana Village Haul

Hi guys! How are you?
Today I am going to tell you about a new online store I have discovered, and show you the items I received! Hana Village is an online shop for circle lenses, cosmetics and accessories!
Here is a statement from HanaVillage:

* We offer free delivery worldwide (minimum purchase $30)
* We offer 1 to 1 exchange on contact lenses if customer has problem with the lenses
* Customer can request for a return/exchange if they are unhappy with their purchase.
* More than 2000 products available, we sell top colored lenses and cosmetic brands in Asia


I was super happy to discover HanaVillage stock not only cosmetics but skin care items too! My Beauty Diary are a popular company for sheet masks, I have tried a few of their masks before! I decided to get the Strawberry Yogurt face mask this time as the benefits include controlling sebum and oil, tightens pores and also whitens the face. I love wearing these after a warm bath, sheet masks are the best!
If the Strawberry Yoghurt mask isn’t suited to your skin, HanaVillage also stock a large range of My Beauty Diary sheet masks, MBD does masks for every skin type so I totally recommend checking them out!
You can find these face masks (3) on Hana Village for $5.50! 😀


Haha if you have been following my blog for a while, then you know I am obsessed with Dolly Wink right? Hana Village also stock Dolly Wink products hooray! These products can be hard to find in the UK, so I always have to order them online. These Lashes are Dolly Wink no.2 Sweet Girly, which I am yet to try myself! I want to include these in one of my cosplay tutorials.
You can find these Lashes at HanaVillage for $19.90 😀

hana02More Dolly Wink? Yep! Even though I have pretty much tried every Dolly Wink product there is, I have never tried their brow pencils before! This pencil is in the shade Honey Beige which is the lightest shade they have, I did get a chance to try this pencil out and it is so easy to use! Normally I use powder to do my brows and I was worried the pencil would be too harsh, but it’s not at all! This blends super nicely, but the shade is not quite ash enough for my hair.
Also, HanaVillage stock the brand new Dolly Wink packaging, cute!~~ >3<
You can find this Brow Pencil on HanaVillage for $13.60

hana04And lash but not least, some circle lenses! These are Puffy 3 Tones (shinny grey) in Grey. I don’t think I have any grey circle lenses, so I am super excited to try these ones out and see if they suit me at all!
HanaVillage have a huuuuge range of circle lenses so you should check them out!
You can get these lenses ar HanaVillage for $22.50


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