Uniqso Cosplay Wig – Enoshima Junko

Hi guys! Today I’m back with another wig review for Uniqso!
This month I decided to get a pink wig for fun, I have always wanted pink hair but I feel like it will be too much hassle to keep it looking bright! A wig is much easier right?
You can use the code “PMTea” at Uniqso to get a discount!

uniqsowig01The wig I decided to get is the Cosplay Wig – Dangan Ronpa – Enoshima Junko. I have no clue what anime/game/manga it is from haha! I just liked the look of the wig. It is a twin tail pink wig with cute curls at the end of the tails. The above photo is the first part of the wig, the bangs are not pre-styled so I will probably end up trimming them into straight across bangs in the future. To be honest I found it difficult to capture with the camera the lovely shade of pink, it is far more beautiful in real life!

uniqsowig02Here are the twin tails, they attach to the top of the wig using clips. Attached to the clips are these long white strings which should be trimmed away, I have yet to do it myself but it is easily done! The curls hold up beautifully, I wish I could get my real hair to look this perfect haha!

uniqsowig03The wig itself is not completely matte, but any shininess is slight. I feel like just wearing this wig as a fashion wig, it is so fun! This is my dream shade of pink, the exact shade I have always wanted my hair to be!


You can get this wig on Uniqso for just $33.90
I believe this is an awesome price as this wig is such good quality! Often when wigs are cheap they are shiny and very poor quality, but I believe this is not the case with Uniqso at all! This is my second wig from them and again I am very impressed with the lovely quality!
Also if you are planning on cosplaying this character I highly recommend this wig!

Also if you follow these tips, it will not be difficult to turn your shiny synthetic wigs look natural.

Overall score: 9.5/10

  • Beautiful Curls
  • Lovely Shade
  • Very slight shine
  • Soft

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