Beuberry Natural Grey Review

Hey guys! Sorry this review is coming a little late, I have been so busy this month it’s unbelievable. I hope everything calms down soon!
Today I am going to review Beuberry Natural Grey circle lenses from Uniqso! Even though this review is sponsored everything I say in this post is 100% my own opinion as always!

Make sure to the use code “PMTea” when you shop with Uniqso to get a discount!

grey01Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 2 Tones
Diameter: 16mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Water Content: 55%

You can purchase these lenses at Uniqso for just $17.90.

grey03This month I really wanted to try out a new color of lenses, so I decided to go for grey! Here is a photo of my eyes after I have inserted the lenses! As my natural eyes are blue, the grey lenses tend to make them look a very dark icy blue. On one hand I absolutely love how these make my eyes look, but on the other hand I wanted a more grayish color. I think they grey shade would stand out more on someone with dark brown eyes. There is also a black outer ring which makes your eyes stand out fantastically.

grey04The first thing I noticed about these lenses is the great enlargement effect they give to my eyes! They manage to make your eyes look very big but without looking too fake. Normally I wear lenses with a smaller diameter as these tend to be more comfortable, however I found I was able to wear these lenses for hours without any discomfort what so ever.

Overall Score: 8/10

  • Comfortable enough to wear all day
  • Will look more dark blue than grey on blue eyes
  • Great enlargement effect
  • Very reasonaly priced

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