Storenvy Updated

Hi everyone!
Sorry I have been a little quiet lately, right now I am in the process of moving out of my parents house and into my new apartment with my boyfriend! Sadly with that on top of collage I have not had a chance to make any videos for 2 weeks!
Tomorrow I have a free day so I am going to take some photos for some lens reviews! Anyway onto the point of this post~~

Since I’m moving out, I am selling some clothes I no longer wear or do not fit me. Also I am looking to sell some of my figures to make a bit of room, but they are so hard to part with lol! I’m trying to be brave. I don’t have very much up for sale right now but I will be updating over the coming weeks! So please go ahead and  check out my storenvy if you are interested!
Click here to visit Peach Milky Tea Storenvy.

Thanks cuties! ❤


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