KawaiiGyaruShop – Discount Code & Becoming a model

Hi guys!
I just wanted to quickly share some awesome news and an exciting discount code with you!

kawaiigyarubannerRecently I have become a model for KawaiiGyaruShop! My items have been shipped to me and I will be sharing a review with you all when they arrive!
For those new to KawaiiGyaruShop, it is a storenvy store which sells 100% authentic Japanese brand clothing, including my favorite; Liz Lisa!
There are quite a few online stores which claim to sell “authentic Liz Lisa” but in fact are selling replicas for a high price, so if like me you love Liz Lisa please be careful of this.

Authentic items often come at the high cost of shipping and shopping service from Japan. Luckily KawaiiGyaruShop is based in the U.S, so you do not need a shopping service to receive your authentic items!
I highly recommend liking/following their Facebook page for the latest updates of new items!

KawaiiGyaruShop were also kind enough to give me a discount code for my followers!
Be sure to use it if you are shopping for any items in their store!

Discount: 5%

Okay well that is all I really wanted to share! I am so excited about it haha! ❤ ❤

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