Overnight Heat Free Waves | ブロンドの長い波状

Hi guys! Sorry about the delay in videos, I have been busy moving into my new place!

This is my first video recorded in my new home~~ Do you like my new set up? I was finally able to make the hair tutorial you guys have been requesting for agessss, this is my everyday hairstyle as seen in most of my videos/pictures.
I also use this hairstyle for work and collage so I don’t have to get up early and fuss over styling my hair!
Also, is it just me or does my voice sound super weird in the video hahaha. Doesn’t even sound like me! O_O

Lenses: http://www.uniqso.com/dolly-eye-blytheye-blue-aka-eos-adult-ii-series/home&tracking=51e3c3c9c8f45
Use “PMTea” for a discount.

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4 responses to “Overnight Heat Free Waves | ブロンドの長い波状

  1. Congrats on the new place! I love the romantic rose headboard, that is so pretty. 🙂 And wow, your braids look so neat when you do them too. I have to try this because I do have a natural wave to my hair but it’s super uneven if it dries flat naturally. Hope your settling into the new place now!

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