Pinkicon Circus Eyelash Review

Hey everyone! Today I am going to review some eyelashes I received from Pinkicon!
Pinkicon sell a wide range of circle lenses, false eyelashes and other beauty products! They are located in HongKong but do have an english website. ^_^

pinki01I think it’s pretty obvious why I wanted to try out these lashes! The packaging is sooo cute! The box has adorable baby animals in pastel colors for the “circus” theme!
You can purchase these lashes at Pinkicon for $17.07

pinki02Pinkicon also sent two leaflets along with the eyelashes! The first is a leaflet which displays all the different lashes which are available in the “circus” series. The send will show you how to apply and remove your false lashes, this is really handy for those who are just starting to wear false lashes!

pinki03These lashes are presented on a black band, personally I prefer the black band with black lashes as I find they blend in very well with my black eyeliner. The band is very sturdy, which means these lashes are very easy to apply! Their shape is a perfect fit for my eyes. The lashes themselves are very soft, they give fantastic volume while still looking really natural.


Overall I really enjoy these lashes, they are really easy to apply and remove. They provide a small amount of length, just the right amount for a natural look. Also I believe the leaflets will be so useful for someone who is new to false lashes, I recommend these for a first time buyer!

Overall score: 10/10

  • Provide volume
  • Cute packaging
  • Two sets of lashes included
  • Easy to apply


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