Uniqso Lolita Wig Review

Hi everyone!
Today I am going to review a new wig I received from Uniqso! Uniqso have a wide range of wigs for cosplay and lolita!
The wig I chose is a one of their mixed color lolita wigs, I have always wanted to see how I look as a brunette. I discovered I look a lot like my mum…awkward. hahahaha.
You can use the code “PMTea” for a 10% discount on wigs, circle lenses, and everything else from Uniqso!

brownwig01You can buy this wig at Uniqso for $28.90.
The wig came packaged in a plastic zip lock bag with a piece of cardboard around it to keep it from losing it’s shape. The wig itself is 65cm in length, very thick and natural looking. The hair was a little bumpy in some places so I was able to use a hair straightener to fix that as it is 100% heat resistant!

brownwig02I was surpised by how lovely this wig feels, I have had quite a few synthetic wigs before but this one just felt so much softer than most. It isn’t shiny at all which I was so impressed with, since these pictures were taken with flash it does look like there is some shine, but trust me in real life it is far better looking!

brownwig05I really love this wig from Uniqso. It is perfect for lolita looks for sure, and it just so happens that I have ordered my first ever lolita dress recently! If you are looking for a brunette wig with a little something extra, then this wig is perfect! They also have a curly version in stock. 😀

Overall Score: 10/10

  • Fantastic Quality
  • Heat Resistant
  • Long and Soft
  • Natural look

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