My PMD Experience Log

Hey guys!
If you follow me on instagram, then you probably know that recently I received a PMD (Personal Microdermabrasion Device) to review.

I have watched many PMD video reviews online myself, some people love it and some people have had really bad experiences. I can’t lie, I am a little scared that what happened to them will happen to me!


However, I would say the majority of people have had fantastic experiences with the PMD, so I decided to take the risk! The company that sent the PMD also sent me a coupon code for you guys to use if you are so inclined.
GetPMD – “PMD Personal Microderm
CODE: peachy15

The PMD can only be used once a week, so I will be updating this post week by week to tell you guys my thoughts before I upload my final verdict on my YouTube Channel.

Most of my acne scars have faded, but I do still have a few light ones. I also have one very large, very red scar from a recent break out of cystic acne which was my main motivation for trying out this product. I hope that the PMD will help to fade this, smooth out my skin tone and help reduce large pores!

LOG 01
Date: 15/01/2014 –
This was my first time trying the PMD, and as suggested I used the white training disc. I watched the DVD a couple of times. First I used the PMD on my arm, then my neck. I could visibly see some skin coming off my arm, and shortly after I could see the areas I used it on becoming red. Then I moved onto my face, I used it on my cheeks, chin, and forehead. I also made sure to run it over my scar. My face became really red! The next day my face really did feel a little softer already. The scar I have is slightly raised – this is because it was caused my a cyst that I dod not pop/drain, it felt a little flatter!

Log 02
23/01/2014 – The second time I have used the PMD, again I stuck with the training disc to be safe. EVen with the training disc I am still seeing results! The scar I am aiming to get rid of has become completely flat already, and the redness has reduced significantly. The scar is just as wide as before, but not it is more of a pinkish tone rather than bright red, making it much easier to cover with makeup. After using the PMD my face went pretty red, but that soon calmed down. My face felt soft after using it, but the next day I felt as if all the skin was sitting on my face! It felt rough and dry, so I used my cure Natural Aqua gel which removed all of the broken/dead skin. There was a lot of it, much more than usual. After using the CURE Gel my face felt soft and even.


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