Sailor Moon Cosplay Wig

Hi guys!
Today I am going to review my Sailor Moon Cosplay wig from Uniqso.
I have wanted a Sailor Moon wig for ages now, but I was always worried I wouldn’t be able to fit my log/thick hair under it! When Uniqso stocked their Sailor Moon wig I jumped at the chance to try it out!
sailormoon03jpgYou can purchase this wig at Uniqso for $33.90
Don’t forget to use the discount code “PMTea” to get a discount on any purchase at Uniqso.

Sailor Moon 04The color in particular is perfect for Sailor Moon, it’s not too yellow but just the right shade to give that “anime” feel. The wig itself fit over my long/thick hair with complete ease! I was expecting to have difficulty with fitting my hair under this wig, but I had no problems at all. The pictures above are the wig straight out of the package, without any styling. The buns were a little messed up, but a little bit of styling should fix that.

sailormoon04You can’t really see the ends of the pigtails here, but they have a slight curl just like Sailor Moon! They are also the perfect length, my only complaint would be they are a little thin. I would like the pigtails to be a little thicker, but perhaps with some brushing and styling I can make them appear thicker!

Overall I really like this wig, it would be a great choice for any sailor moon cosplay!

Overall score: 8/10

  • Perfect for Cosplay
  • Reasonable Price
  • Styling Required
  • Perfect Colour and Length
  • Can fit over long hair

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