Dresslink Review 03 | PeachMilky |

In a couple days I will be going to Japan! While I am there I will not be able to upload any new videos, but I do plan on vlogging lots so I will upload them as soon as I return!
If you guys want to keep up with me while I am in Japan then please follow my instagram, I will be posting there!

Here is a link to each of the products from Dresslink:
Belt- http://goo.gl/qDQPf6
Scarf- http://goo.gl/JspCsT
Dresse- http://goo.gl/FcFCZX
Hat- http://goo.gl/F0RUPR
Sweater- http://goo.gl/lEbUBg
Sweaters- http://goo.gl/qGTIB0
Hair Accessorie- http://goo.gl/bLnWux
Dresslink- http://goo.gl/EygqMp

Dresslink Video 01: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSD54Qr15nM
Dresslink Video 02: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jecCrXSrus

I now have cosplay prints for sale!

I have started using Tsu! Follow me on Tsu for updates! https://www.tsu.co/PeachMilky


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