Rikku Cosplay

YAY! It took long enough?
I got this cosplay and made the prop almost a year ago. I wore this to Q-con last year 😀
Only now did I do a photoshoot.
Right now i’m in the mood to get good photoshoots for every one of my cosplays!! It seems like such a waste not too, right?
Next will be either Serah or Wang Yuanji, but I want to get a cool new camera lens first and it’s pretty damn expensive. I’m still not too sure if I wanna get it…it’s £130 which isn’t too bad for a lens but I want to be sure that it does what I want it to do before I buy!





rikku7small#moonface in the last one bahaha. Damn this round face. >XD
Hope you guys like the photos! Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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