Lolita_KawaiiShoes Haul/Review

Heyloo everybody!~
Hope you are well!
Today I am going to show you the super cute items that I got from Lolita_KawaiiShoes. Lolita_KawaiiShoes is a shop on Storenvy, they sell a bunch of cute clohtes, shoes and accesories!
This review was sponsored (not paid) but everything I have to say is 100% my own opinion.
They contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a review, I saw the super cute items they had in stock and just had to agree! So wihout further adue here are the items I decided to get:
Sailor Moon Pajama Set:

SailorMoon06You can purchase this pajama set here for $38.00

SailorMoon01 I fell in love with this super cute Pajama set! Originally this set was released by the Japanese Brand “Peach John”. The original set was quite expensive and has long been sold out, so I was really excited to see that Lolita_kawaiishoes had a replica piece for a very reasonable price!

SailorMoon02Even though the price is cheap, I was really pleased with how high the quality is! The fabric is nice and soft, perfect for pajamas! The print is also perfectly done! ❤

SailorMoon05It’s not very sunny in Northern Ireland at the moment, but it’s still pretty warm at night! So I started wearing these straight away!

Lolita Biscuit Beret:

SailorMoon03You can get this beret here for $29.99
Next I decided to get this super cute biscuit themes beret! I am currently trying to gather as many cute items for my Lolita coordinates as I can, and I thought this hat would look really cute with my Angelic Pretty Royal Melty Chocolate dress! The design on the hat is embroidered on which is a lovely touch!
I guess for a hat the price is a little expensive, but in this case the quality is really nice so I can’t complain.
They have a big range of Berets in store so if this design is not to your liking be sure to check out the rest too!

Lolita Shoes:

SailorMoon04You can purchase these shoes here for $42.99
An order from Lolita_kawaiishoes would not be complete without a pair of Lolita shoes, right? A while back I bought a black Lolita dress from Bodyline, so I am trying to gather pieces together for that co-ordinate too! (By the way, I plan on making a full video about building cheap/expensive lolita co-ordinates!)
These shoes are sooooo adorable in person!


I was so excited about these, they fit me perfectly and are so comfortable! I’m really excited to wear these with the full outfit!~

Overall, I have had a great first experience with this shop! I am really happy with everything I received, the shipping was fast also so I have no complaints!


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