HimiFashion Discount Code

Hello cuties!~
So a few weeks ago HimiFashion gave me a discount code to share with you guys!
Since you do not enter this code at the checkout like with other codes, I have gotten a LOT of questions asking me how and where to enter this code!
So I’m just making this little post to show you! 😀

HimiFashion 10% DIscount Code: “23235501”
First, you must go to the register link! The link is on the top left of the page.

himihowto2Fill in the register form as you normally would, when you get the the “Discount Code:” field as shown above, enter the code “23235501”.
Doing so will give you 10% off any order you make while logged into this account!! 😀
Pretty handy, right?

Hope this has helped you guys!


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