I.Fairy Miss Rose Blue Review

Woop! Hello cuties~!
Another review coming late! Today I am going to review my newest lenses from Uniqso of course!
I have been meaning to put this review up for a while, it’s so late! D:
Better late than never right?
Anyway, today I am going to review the I.Fairy Miss Rose Blue lenses! Remember you can use the code “PMTea” at Uniqso for a discount at any time on any product!

You can purchse these lenses at Uniqso for $22.90
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 1 Tone
Diameter: 15mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Water Content: 42%

These lenses have an adorable rose pattern design which is quite uniqe and special. What initially drew me to these lenses was the fact that they have a brown outer ring instead of the usual black. I had never seen this before, so I wanted to see if it would make the lenses look more natural. In fact I don’t think the fact that the ring is brown instead of black has made a big difference at all, perhaps it would be more evident on someone with dark eyes though!

Even though I already have blue eyes, these lenses show up very vibrant! They are a very strong saturated blue color, making them perfect for cosplay looks! I think these would be perfect if you are cosplay a character with striking blue eyes. They don’t really suit a natural look because of this.
Comfort wise I do not have any complaints, they are easy to wear for a long period of time! I did not experience my eyes drying out or any discomfort.

Overall Score: 8/10

  • Vibrant color
  • Perfect for cosplay looks
  • Rose design
  • Brown outer ring
  • Cheap price



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