Stella Pointed Eyelashes 5119 Review

Hello cuties!~
Today I am going to do a quick little review for the Stella Pointed Eyelashes I got from Uniqso!
I really wanted some eyelashes that would be suitable for cosplays. They had to be high impact and look dramatic, so these are the ones that I decided to go for!
You can use the code: “PMTea” for a 10% discount at Uniqso!

So this is what they look like! These remind me ALOT of the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu lashes I bought a while back. I get a lot of questions about the KPP lashes, but they were super expensive and have now been discontinued! These ones look almost exactly the same, so I think they are a great dupe for the KPP lashes!

I’m really happy with how these lashes look! They are really strong and dramatic without being OTT. They are pretty easy to apply too, the band is quite stiff which is great for beginners because it won’t be flopping all over the place when you try and put them on!

The one complaint I have is that they are not available in packets of more than one! You have to buy one set of lashes at a time which is a shame, I’d like a pack of 5 sets or so. I guess I can always just buy 5 boxes next time haha!
You can buy these lashes at Uniqso for $5.90

Overall Score: 10/10

  • Easy to apply
  • Great for Cosplay
  • Dupe for KPP lashes
  • Cheap price

3 responses to “Stella Pointed Eyelashes 5119 Review

  1. These lashes are so pretty.

    But I bought some recently and they for some reason are so much longer on me than they are on other people? It looks so much more different. Any idea on what I could do?

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