Lolita_Kawaiishoes Haul/Review

Hey cuties!
How is your weekend going?
I feel kind of lame because I did not get any of the videos I wanted to do done this week!
But I will work on them tomorrow~
Today I have another review from the lovely Lolita_KawaiiShoes! I got a new haul of items super cute items!
You can use the code “Sophie! to get 10% off!

01. Samantha Vega (Replica) Luna Handbag (You can purchase this for $52.00)

Oh gosh~ I don’t think I have ever been so in love with a handbag! Samantha Vega released this bag a while ago, and just like the Sailor Moon purse I reviewed last time it was made with real leather. Not only that but it was super expensive and extremely popular so it sold out immediately. As such replicas have shown up! There are 2 versions of the replicas, one is a high quality replica which matches the original design PERFECTLY, while the other is of lower quality and has some differences. Lolita_kawaiishoes sell the HIGH QUALITY replica. ^_^

It is made from PU leather which means it is the perfect cruelty free alternative! It is exactly the same as the original, I can’t see any difference! It is a sturdy bag too, I can’t find any flaws in it what so ever. I am so in love with this!

LOOK AT THE LINING ON THE INSIDE! I was soooooo happy when I saw the lining it is so cute I can’t even! It has a couple of pockets on the inside to stash your goodies.

tumblr_nrp3swQK4F1rdecglo1_540What do you think of my completed coord?! The bag comes with a strap to put over your shoulder which I love! The outfit I am wearing is from Tralala but now it is sold out, if you are interested in replicas of this outfit too Lolita_kawaiishoes also stocks them!

02. Glitter iPhone 6 Case
(You can purchase this for $15.00)

The next item I got is this cute case for my iPhone 6! When I ordered this I actually thought it was one of those cases where the sparkles and glitter moved around, you know which ones I mean right? But actually it is not so I was a little disappointed! It’s my own fault really haha!

Regardless it is a very nice phone case! The quality is fantastic and I can imagine it will protect your phone nicely. It slipped on and off my iphone easily enough so it fit well. This case is also available in other colors, the one I picked was white and pink!

03. Brown Shoes
(You can purchase this for $45.00)


Next up are these lovely brown Lolita shoes! These have a really unique design…they kind of remind me of Victorian shoes? I think these would look AMAZING with a classic lolita coord! Sadly I do not have one yet, but some day I will!!


When I tried them on they fit me perfectly, so I have no complaints there! I have not walked around in them or worn them for very long so I’m not sure if they will hurt my feet if I walk in them too much but I don’t see why they would.  The little buckle at the front is super detailed and pretty, definitely my favorite part about these shoes!

They also have a very decent sized heel, not too tall not too short! Just right! They are made from Pu Leather making them again cruelty free, it feels really smooth and has an almost shiny look to it!

04. Pink Heart Choker
(You can purchase this for $13.00)

And last but not least we have this cute pink choker! I have wanted to get this for so long but for some reason never got around to getting one, so when I saw that Lolita_kawaiishoes had one I rushed to get it! As far as I know there are a whole bunch of replica versions of this necklace, ranging from good to bad quality. As far as this one goes I find that is fantastic quality and has no flaws! But the one down side with this is the fact that it is a little too wide for my neck! This actually happens to me with most chokers, so I don’t think it will be a problem for everyone. Still it is a shame I cannot wear it!


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