Good News for UK Shoppers & Updates to my page! (TokyoOtakuMode)

Hello cuties! How are you guys doing today?
I have been playing Final Fantasy X non-stop all weekend! Hah~ I need a break.

Anyway, over the weekend I also got some really good news!
Lately I have been talking with TokyoOtakuMode about the problem concerning high custom charges for those of us that live in the United Kingdom.
Previously TOM only had EMS shipping avilable, and sadly EMS to UK means often high custom charges. Because of this problem TOM have now introduced new shipping methods! SAL & Small Airpackage are not avaibale! Any time I have ordered with SAL from Japan I have never gotten a custom charge! OFC, it is possible to get a custom charge on any package, but the chances are now reduced by quite some bit!
So my fellow UK shoppers~ you can now enjoy shopping at Tokyo Otaku Mode without the garuentee of a custom charge. Yay~ \^-^/
(Click here to see my full page of cute JFashion and Otaku Goods!)
I have also updated my page on Tokyo Otaku Mode!
They have a new Liz Lisa Summer Fukubukuro! It’s sooooo pretty omg! I wish I could afford to get it hahahaa!

fc0f0b26590c4fca909b366cec899fb1You can get $10 off your purchase if you register using this link!


BTW all of the items on my page were hand picked by your truly! I love all the cute Liz Lisa and Kokokim fashion items they have right now!

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