Kurotsuchi Nemu Cosplay Wig Review

Hey cuties!
Today I am going to review my new wig from Uniqso!
I have never owned a black wig before so I wanted to give one a try!

I decided to go for this Kurotsuchi Nemu Cosplay wig because it is long (80cm), straight and has cute bangs! I don’t plan on cosplaying this character or anything, but I thought it seemed like a good match for me!


033H-700x700You can purchase this wig at Uniqso for $26.90
Don’t forget to use the code “PMTea” for 10% off!

The wig itself is really long and soft, I often have trouble with brushing long wigs and them getting tangled super easily. When I come across a long wig that detangles easily I am a very happy girl! I am able to brush through and style this one with ease! Also this wig is luckily 100% heat resistant! I used a hair straightener on the bangs.

One downside to this wig is I feel like the bangs are a little bit too thin, if they were just a little bit thicker it would be much better for me! My natural hair line is a bit..low I guess? So I often have the start of the wig sit higher than my hairline otherwise it just looks weird. When it is styled and I’m taking photos the bangs are fine, but if I were to wear this outside the bangs would bow apart and show my real hair, so that is a shame. I don’t think black suits me too much, but I really want to try another one soon!

Overall Score: 7/10

  • Cheap Price
  • Long length (80cm)
  • Thin bangs
  • Minimal Shine



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