I.Fairy Trinity Violet Review

Hey everyone!
Today I am going to review the lenses I used for my Melty cosplay! I have gotten a lot of questions about these so today I am going to do my full review! These lenses are from Uniqso!

You can purchase these lenses at Uniqso for $22.90
Don’t forget that you can get a 10% Discount with the code “PMTea”.

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 3 Tones
Diameter: 15mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Water Content: 38%

Melty01So as I said I got these to go with my Melty De Granite Cosplay! I loved the result they gave to my eyes! As someone with light-ist blue eyes it can sometimes be hard to find dark lenses with such vibrancy, but the lovely dark purple color of these showed up wonderfully. My favorite thing about these lenses are the little diamond shapes going all the way around the eye, it gives a really unique look! These lenses also have a reasonably thick outer black ring, it makes them perfect for cosplay.

11222964_766458293467132_8204036307732625723_nI have worn these lenses for my photoshoot and all day at conventions, they have been brilliantly comfortable the entire time. For me these lenses are the perfect cosplay lenses because of this, it’s hateful when your lenses make you feel uncomfortable during a con or photoshoot!

If you want to see these lenses in action feel free to check out my Melty Cosplay Makeup Tutorial!

Overall Score: 10/10

  • Cheap Price
  • Super Comfortale
  • Unique Design
  • Great enlarging effect

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