Lolita_kawaiishoes Review/Haul

Long time no see!
Sorry for not being around for the past month and a bit. I’m making a start on all the reviews that have pilled up over the past month, so I hope to be posting a lot haha!
Today I am starting with the cute items I received from Lolita_kawaiishoes!

If you are shopping on Lolita_kawaiishoes you can use the discount code “Sophie” for 10% off!

1.3 Colors Kawaii Sailor Collar Moon and Stars Printing Dress

The first item I received is the super cute Ank Rouge replica dress! It has an adorable galaxy style print, with stars, moons and also feathers! Although it’s not really got anything to do with Sailor Moon, it really reminded me of Sailor Moon which is why I wanted to get it! Also I don’t have a lot of Navy in my wardrobe, I want to try adding more colors into my clothing collection!~

dress08This dress is available in three colors! Pink, White and Blue.
You can purchase it on Lolita_kawaiishoes for $33.00.

The dress comes with a cute white collar too, so you don’t need to wear a blouse under it. The print is super adorable, if your star sign is “Aeries” then it would be so perfect for you! Sadly I am Taurus hahaha! Overall this dress is super lovely and easy to co ordinate with other pieces! The one down side is because it is a replica the fabric is a little thin, which means it may be a little cold for this time of year!

2.Kawaii Wing Collar Blouse

The next item I decided to get is this cute shirt with a wing design on the collar! I thought it was super unique looking and really cute! The wing design outline is made created with a embroidered pink thread!

top04This top is available with either a pink ribbon or a blue ribbon! The color of the embroidery changes depending on the ribbon you choose. I went for the pink one of course!
You can purchase this blouse at Lolita_kawaiishoes for $30.

Similarly to the dress, I do really like this top however once again the fabric is a little thin! Although it’s not a huge problem, I simply wear a white camisole under the shirt to keep my bra from showing through haha!

So that’s it for my order from Lolita_kawaiishoes this time!
If you guys have any questions about ordering from this store feel free to let me know!



6 responses to “Lolita_kawaiishoes Review/Haul

  1. Ooooh the collar on that winged shirt is just too sweet! I love little details like that which take a fairly simple looking blouse to a whole other level.

  2. hello. wondering where you bought the hat/beanie you wore in your latest life updates video? hope you’re doing better!

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