I-Codi Colors Of The Wind Crystal Water Review

Hey guys! I’m back to doing reviews again woohoo! It’s been a while…but it seems like I am saying that every time I do a review these days! I’m sorry about that!
Today I am going to review my new lenses from Uniqso. Since I loved the I-Codi Melon colored lenses that I got, I decided I would try them in a different color! I-Codi Colors of the Wind in the shade Crystal Water.

If you use the code “PMTea” you can get 10% OFF your order at Uniqso!


You can Purchase these lenses at Uniqso for $22.90

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 2 Tones
Diameter: 15mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Water Content: 38%

Okay! So first off just like the Melon colored lenses, these are super comfortable and really easy to wear! These are pretty perfect for everyday use in that regard. I wore them for around 6-7 hours and had no problems with my eyes feeling dry or irritated at all.

Even though I was very much expecting these lenses to be comfortable enough for everyday use, I actually wanted to get them for cosplay purposes. This is because the color of these lenses in particular are a very bright vibrant blue, with a bit of navy thrown in there too! They are really unique in that they do have a very natural look and design, but the shade is very anime looking. I think it’s really up to you if you want to rock these lenses with a natural look or a cosplay/ott look, they are pretty versatile that way!

I decided to wear these lenses for both my Blondie Lockes cosplay and now my more recent Marie Rose cosplay! (Still in progress haha).
If you want to see these lenses in action feel free to check out my Blondie Lockes makeup tutorial! I am trying to think of something negative to say about these lenses, but I really can’t think of anything! If the shade of these lenses are not to your taste I recommend checking out the rest of the I-Codi collection on Uniqso, they are quickly becoming my new favourite!

Overall Score: 10/10

  • Comfortable
  • Vibrant color
  • Cheap price
  • long wearability

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