Lolita_Kawaiishoes Review/Haul

Hey cuties!
I’m back with another review/haul from Lolita_Kawaiishoes!
This time I only have a couple of items but they are super cute, so let’s jump straight in!

  1. Cute Biscuit Pajama Top

As soon as I saw this top in store I fell in love with it! I love anything with cute biscuit designs and I spend most of my time in pajamas so I thought it would be perfect for me! I chose the pink version but it also comes in chocolate brown!

You can purchase this pajama top at Lolita_kawaiishoes £26.65.

The top is super soft and really roomy, making it super comfortable to wear! It is also super warm, so it is perfect to wear during winter. Where I live winter is almost over, but it is still pretty cold so I still get to wear this.

Overall I really love this jumper, it’s not only super adorable but the quality is lovely and it is super comfortable to wear! I highly recommended.

  1. Liz Lisa Replica Shoes

Next up are these Liz Lisa Replica shoes! Despite being replica, the quality is really great! I can tell no difference between these and the authentic shoes. I had been wanting to try these out for a while, so I was really glad to get the chance! I have worn these a few times and they are pretty comfortable to wear!

You can purchase these shoes at Lolita_kawaiishoes for £35.06.

These shoes have really cute faux fur at the back making them look super cute for winter time, but they would also look lovely with spring outfits! The one down side to these shoes is the fact that I decoded to go for the cream/off white version, which can get dirty very easily! I would recommend these but in a different colour to avoid this. However, they were pretty easy to clean!

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